Ketika Cortana, Siri, dan Google Now Diuji dengan 60 Pertanyaan Rumit, Siapa Pemenangnya?

Ada tiga smart assistant paling canggih saat ini yaitu Cortana (Windows Phone), Siri (iOS), dan Google Now (Android). Untuk menjawab berbagai pertanyaan dasar seperti cuaca, lokasi, jadwal, dan semacamnya, jawaban ketiganya sudah tidak diragukan lagi. Namun apa jadinya jika smart assistant tersebut ditanya dengan berbagai pertanyaan rumit? Siapa diantara ketiganya yang bisa menjawab paling benar?

Dua developer yaitu Daniel dan Aimee Hendrycks baru saja melakukan test yang disebut dengan PAAIST (Personal Assistant Artificial Intellligence Strenght Test). Di test tersebut mereka memberikan 60 pertanyaan rumit kepada masing-masing smart assistant dan hasilnya sungguh mengejutkan, Cortana menjadi smart assistant paling lemah diantara yang lainnya.

Cortana hanya mampu menjawab 11.7 persen pertanyaan dengan benar, sedangkan Siri mampu menjawab 25.8 persen dan Google Now memimpin dengan mampu menjawab benar hingga 33.3 persen.

Dengan begitu Google Now berhasil membuktikan dirinya sebagai smart assistant paling cerdas, disusul dengan Siri, dan yang paling akhir adalah Cortana.

Bagi kamu yang penasaran seperti apa sih pertanyaan rumit tersebut, inilah daftar lengkap 60 pertanyaan yang diajukan ke Cortana, Siri, dan Google Now:

  • What is the principle quantum number of selenium?
  • Is radon an actinide?
  • What will be the weather in two days?
  • What will be the weather Sunday?
  • How long is the movie Fanny and Alexander?
  • What is the genre of the movie The Fighter?
  • What is the genre of the show The Sopranos?
  • Who is the director of the series John Doe?
  • What is The University of Kansas’s rank in Higher Education Administration?
  • What is UCLA’s rank in Finance?
  • Find the limit of 5x/(1+x^3) as x approaches infinity.
  • Determine the interior angles of a rhombus with side lengths 1 and 3.
  • What is the special ability of the Pokemon Scrafty?
  • What type or types is the Pokemon Victreebel?
  • Which studio developed the game Mario Tennis?
  • How long does it typically take to complete the game Dragon Age: Origins?
  • What is the governmental leader of Greece?
  • What is the median home value in Macedonia?
  • What was the release date of Where the Wild Things Are?
  • Who wrote The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?
  • What animals are related to anteaters?
  • What is the diet of a cichlid?
  • Where and when was Peter Norvig born?
  • Who are relatives of Niels Henrik Abel?
  • What is the midcareer salary of a Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures)?
  • What is the midcareer salary of a Fire Fighter?
  • Where, near here, can I get a pineapple?
  • How much vitamin D3 is in a margarine teaspoon?
  • Give me directions to the nearest Chinese restaurant.
  • Give me directions to the nearest bakery.
  • What are ways to prevent typhoid fever?
  • Does scarlet fever go away on its own?
  • What is Commercial International Bank’s total assets?
  • What is the YTM of a zero-coupon bond with a face value of $3000 a current price of 2500 and a maturity of 26
  • What is the cost of miracle grow?
  • What is a complementary product for pots?
  • What is “cat” translated to Lao?
  • Did the Houston Texans win?
  • Did the Dallas Cowboys win?
  • Show me sad images related to Bleach, if available.
  • Show me animated images related to Middle of the Earth in Ecuador, if available.
  • Tell me an argument for and against the claim, “It is morally permissible to kill one innocent person to save the lives
    of more innocent people.”
  • Tell me an argument for and against the claim, “Justice requires the recognition of animal rights.”
  • How do people get alzheimer’s?
  • How does mindfulness reduce depression?
  • Why is gold considered valuable?
  • Why are people against cloning?
  • When is the next IMO test?
  • When is the next Chicago Marathon?
  • Whose epitaph reads Lived a philosopher died a Christian?
  • According to the proverb which fruit tastes sweetest?
  • Sphere A, with a charge of 258 micro C, is located near another charged sphere B. Sphere B has a charge of 784
    micro C, and is located 47.6 cm to the right of A. What is the force of sphere B on sphere A?
  • Zelda strikes a 0.436 kg golf ball with a force of 106 N and gives it a velocity of 3 m/s. How long was Zelda’s club in contact with the ball?
  • Play me a song or piece in the genre K-pop.
  • Play me a song or piece in the genre trad jazz.
  • Bring me to a credible report describing that perceived price of an object affects the experience one has with the object.
  • List the countries that allow autonomous vehicles.
  • Advise me how to reduce my mortality rate given that I am a middle-aged woman.
  • Advise me how to improve sustained attention and executive processing.

Bagaimana? Rumit khan pertanyaannya?

Dari pengujian tersebut terbukti bahwa smart assistant saat ini masih belum begitu cerdas dalam memproses pertanyaan-pertanyaan rumit. Hal-hal yang bisa dilakukan oleh smart assistant ternyata juga masih terbatas pada tugas dan hal-hal yang sederhana.

Hasil penelitian yang menempatkan Cortana sebagai smart assistant paling lemah ini sangat berkebalikan dengan video komersial Microsoft yang terus menunjukkan kehebatan Cortana dan membuat Siri tampak begitu bodoh.

Akankah hasil penelitian ini membuat Microsoft semakin tertantang untuk mengembangkan kecerdasan Cortana? Bagaimana pendapat kamu dengan hasil penelitian ini?

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