Sebelumnya dikabarkan bahwa Daftar Isi di File PDF Microsoft Edge Kini Hadirkan Thumbnail, dimana dulu fitur tersebut hadir pada Edge Canary versi 99 dan juga harus diaktifkan secara manual melalui halaman flags experimental.

Nah waktu berlalu, dan Microsoft Edge Dev 100.0.1169.1 telah dirilis, dan pada versi ini, fitur tersebut kini sudah hadir secara default tanpa harus diaktifkan terlebih dahulu via flags experimental.

Kemampuan baru tersebut mungkin bagi kamu yang lupa dan belum membaca artikel dahulu, ini adalah kemampuan baru unutk menampilkan thumbnail pada halaman pdf viewer Microsoft Edge Chromium, dibagian table of contents seperti pada gambar diatas, nanti disana akan menampilkan thumbnail dari halaman tersebut dan dapat kamu akses dengan lebih mudah dan lebih jelas.

Selain hadirnya fitur tersebut, ada beberapa fitur baru yang ditambahkan juga, yang mana beberapa diantaranya adalah sebagai berikut.

  • Added support for a textprediction attribute on forms in webpages that allows web developers to enable or disable text prediction similar to the way they can control spellcheck and autocomplete.
  • Enabled support for custom text cursors on Windows.
  • Added a Setting on Mac to allow the browser to be automatically updated for all device users.
  • Added the ability on Android to have Read Aloud work when the tab or app is in the background.
  • Enabled a management policy from Chromium to Force the Major Version number To the Minor Position In the User Agent string, which is a temporary policy to freeze the major version number at 99 and place the actual version number in the minor position, for example turning version into
  • Developer (Note that these APIs were previously in the “Experimental” status):
    • Added an API to WebView2 to hide buttons from the PDF toolbar.
    • Added an API to WebView2 to Call Dev Tools Protocol Method For Session, which runs an asynchronous method on a specific WebView session.
    • Added an API to WebView2 to control the Exclusive User Data Folder Access property, which prevents other WebViews and browser processes from accessing the user data folder.
    • Added an API to WebView2 to Allow External Drop, which controls if objects from outside a WebView application are allowed to be dragged and dropped into it.

Selain itu, ada sejumlah perbaikan yang juga dihadirkan di versi ini, dimana beberapa diantaranya adalah sebagai berikut:

  • Fixed a crash on the new tab page.
  • Fixed a crash when certain popups appear.
  • Fixed a crash when interacting with the Shopping button.
  • Fixed a crash on Mac.
  • Fixed a crash on Mac when interacting with the address bar.
  • Fixed an issue where certain websites crash.
  • Mobile:
    • Fixed a crash on launch on Android.
    • Fixed a crash when using Read Aloud.
    • Fixed a crash when checking for leaked passwords.
    • Fixed a crash when signing into the browser.
    • Fixed a hang when signing into the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where certain sites like Spotify that play protected media don’t work.
  • Fixed an issue where passwords saved in Settings sometimes can’t be removed.
  • Fixed an issue where Spellcheck isn’t available for certain languages that it should be.
  • Fixed an issue where printing sometimes fails.
  • Fixed an issue where a prompt to save info like addresses into Autofill unexpectedly appears after filling unrelated data into forms.
  • Fixed an issue where payment cards don’t sync when they should.
  • Fixed an issue where certain buttons appear that shouldn’t when hovering over tabs.
  • Fixed an issue where certain popups don’t have an X button to close them.

Nah jadi langsung saja deh untuk kamu para pengguna Microsoft Edge Chromium Dev Channel, pastikan kamu telah memperbarui browser kamu ke versi 100.0.1169.1 ini, atau kamu bisa secara manual mengeceknya pada halaman edge://settings/help.

Via: Microsoft

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